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law firms cyber-attacks

What Threats are Targeting Law Firms: The Biggest Cyber-attacks

Table of Content: Cybersecurity in Law Firms Biggest Cyber Threats for Law Firms Biggest...

history of encryption

The History of Encryption and Trends in The Digital World

Table of content: Intro History of Encryption What are The Different Types of...

cybersecurity awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Table of content: Intro How to Protect Yourself from Cyber-Attacks Patch Management ...

Passwords are over

When creating passwords, you need to choose between strong protection and ease of use. With Sealit you can finally have it all.

Our app uses biometrics as authentication which provides you a seamless protection experience. Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be taken away from you, there’s nothing you need to remember, and you always have it with you.

HIPAA Encryption Requirements

HIPAA Encryption Requirements Your Business Should Meet

Table of content: Intro What is HIPAA? Who does HIPAA apply to? What is HIPAA’s...

SMEs Data Breach

SMEs Data Breach - Examples That Will Be Remembered

Table of content: Intro What constitutes a data breach? What is the cost of a data breach?

Data Risk Types

5 Data Risk Types and how To Manage Them

Table of content: Intro Security Risks Compliance Risks Operational Risks Privacy...

Security Breaches

Types Of Security Breaches You Should Be Aware Of

Table of content: Introduction What is a data breach? How much does a data breach cost a...

file collaboration software

Top 3 File Collaboration Software You Should Consider Testing

Table of content: Our top 3 picks for file collaboration software you should consider testing

how does social security identity theft occur

How Does Social Security Identity Theft Occur?

Table of content: Introduction Why is your social security number important? What is social...