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cloud fortresses

Cloud Fortresses: Reinventing Security Protocols

Nowadays, when connectivity is the backbone of innovation, the reliance on cloud services has...

Passwords are over

When creating passwords, you need to choose between strong protection and ease of use. With Sealit you can finally have it all.

Our app uses biometrics as authentication which provides you a seamless protection experience. Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be taken away from you, there’s nothing you need to remember, and you always have it with you.

hipaa compliance

HIPAA Compliance Audits: A Guide for Psychiatrists

A crucial checkpoint in the unwavering commitment to safeguard patient confidentiality is...

cybersecurity for marketing and media

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Marketing & Media Teams

Safeguarding the Digital Realm for Marketing and Media Teams today, is a journey into the...

crafting a resilient future

Cybersecurity Chronicles 2024: Crafting a Resilient Future

Every digital pulse echoes evolving threats, and as we approach 2024 our journey unfolds with a...

year review

A Year in Review and Future Outlook

Table of Content Intro Navigating the Cyber Terrain Through Compliance Waters to the Frontier...

real-life lessons

Safeguard Trust: Lessons from Real-Life HIPAA Violations in Psychiatry

Table of Content: Intro Case Study 1 Case Study 2 Lessons Learned: A Comprehensive...

navigate data security challenges

Navigating Data Security Challenges in the Borderless Workforce

Table of Content: Intro The Crucial Role of Data Security in Mental Health Apps Upholding...