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difference between cryptography and encryption

What is The Main Difference Between Cryptography and Encryption

Table of content: Introduction What is Cryptography? What is Encryption? Encryption vs...

zero trust implementation

Zero Trust Model Implementation - The Main Steps You Should Take Care Of

Table of content: What is the zero trust model? Why is zero trust important for security? ...

enterprise secure file sharing

Why Enterprise Secure File Sharing is Important for Your Business

Table of Contents: Introduction Secure vs Enterprise File Sharing: An Overview What to...

encrypted vs unencrypted email

Encrypted vs Unencrypted Emails: What Your Business Needs to Know

Table of Contents: Introduction What is data encryption and how does it work? Types of encryption...

Passwords are over

When creating passwords, you need to choose between strong protection and ease of use. With Sealit you can finally have it all.

Our app uses biometrics as authentication which provides you a seamless protection experience. Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be taken away from you, there’s nothing you need to remember, and you always have it with you.

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email encryption

Why You Should Encrypt Emails With The Sealit Add-on for Gmail

Table of Contents: Introduction Gmail Encryption – TLS, S/MIME and Confidential Mode Gmail and...


data protection

5 Data Protection Methods Your Business Needs

Table of Contents: Introduction Data protection methods1. To identify and store sensitive data2. ...



Email Security

BEC & EAC Attacks: Can Email Encryption Software Help

Email provides the easiest way for hackers to infiltrate a business. BEC and EAC attacks are...

how to implement data protection techniques

5 Easy Ways To Implement Data Protection Techniques

Businesses today cannot afford to ignore or underestimate the consequences of poor data protection...

importance of data security

The Importance Of Data Security In 2022

Data security is a necessity in today’s business. From protecting your reputation to compliance...

is it safe to email social security number

Should You Email Your Social Security Number? (It's Risky)

Ask a cybersecurity expert whether you should send your social security number via email, and the...