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Cybersecurity Awareness Month


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October is known as cybersecurity awareness month, a month dedicated to raising awareness around cybercrime.


Cybercrime has become the world’s most profitable illegal business as of 2021. It’s estimated that cybercrime will cost the world more than $10 trillion annually by 2025, making it more profitable than the illegal drug trade. These expenses affect not just large companies and businesses but also the everyday lives of individuals.


It’s estimated that there is a new cyber-attack every 39 seconds. Attackers are constantly scanning publicly available devices using computer bots to identify any potential system that could be compromised.



How to Protect Yourself from Cyber-Attacks


In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re offering five tips on how to protect yourself from cyber-attacks.


Patch Management:


The most significant thing you can do to reduce your security vulnerabilities is to have good patch management. Outdated software and hardware are the most common source of security vulnerabilities. By having a good patch management process where you constantly push out patches to your systems, you help to limit the vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to compromise your system or network.


Strong Passwords and 2FA:


The next best defense against cyberattack is to have strong account authentication. First, this means having a strong password that cannot be easily guessed by humans or computer software. A strong password is generally at least eight characters long with a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. In addition to this, you want to enable two-factor authentication wherever possible. This makes it significantly more difficult for someone to compromise your account without having access to your phone or whatever form of authentication you combine with your password.


Use Implicit Deny:


Implicit deny is the idea that, by default, you want to deny any potential connections to your systems. Then, you should only allow access or connections to a device if you have a valid reason to do so. This limits the number of ways that an attacker can try to connect to your system. For example, if you have a web server that only needs to allow connections on ports 80 and 443, all other ports should be closed until there is a legitimate reason to allow it.


Leverage the Cloud:


Another good trick for improving your company’s cybersecurity is moving your infrastructure to the cloud. Firstly, many cloud service providers handle the patching and upgrading of computer hardware and software in the cloud. This ensures that you have good patch management and helps to limit your vulnerabilities. Secondly, many cloud providers have built-in security and compliance tools that you can leverage to ensure your network is secure. For example, Azure Sentinel is a cloud native SIEM and SOAR solution with Microsoft Azure’s cloud environment.


Be Suspicious of Email Attachments and Links:


The last cybersecurity tip in this list is to be mindful when opening attachments and links in emails. Phishing emails are one of the most popular attack vectors for hackers. A phishing email is a malicious email sent to a user to trick them into performing an action that will allow the hacker to compromise the system. The two most common methods are getting people to download and execute malware disguised as an email attachment or getting them to click on a link that redirects them to a fake website.



Sealit Secure Spaces Launch!


As part of cybersecurity awareness month, we thought it would be a great time to announce the launch of our new Secure Spaces feature. Secure spaces will be a secure digital space where users can share, upload and collaborate on files over the internet. Think of it as a secure collaborative hub for working with team members. Here are some of its key features:


  • Securely access files that have been shared with you and share files with others.

  • Each user can attach 1GB+ files directly from Outlook and Gmail.

  • Files will be protected with the Zero Trust security model.

  • Receive notifications on your phone whenever a client accesses your critical files

  • Integrates with our state-of-the-art encryption solution to ensure privacy as files are transferred and stored.


If you’re interested in using these new features to collaborate or store your important files, you can get access herehttps://www.sealit.id/





Cybersecurity awareness month is dedicated to raising awareness of global cybercrime and the damage that it is causing society. Cybercrime is a trillion-dollar industry that continues to grow every year.


To protect businesses and everyday consumers, people must be educated on cybersecurity best practices, which is why we highlighted five cybersecurity best practices for preventing cyber-attacks.


In addition to this, we are launching our new Secure Spaces Services. This is a secure digital space for users to share, upload and collaborate on files over the internet.

You can access this service here ➡ https://www.sealit.id/