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6 Productivity Hacks For People Working From Home

Now that companies and workers have had a taste of a flexible way of working, experts predict we can expect to see a lot more of it going forward.

But as you adjust to these new processes, how can you maintain your personal productivity?


If you’ve found yourself staring at walls, or doing a whole list of chores before even starting on your emails, here are our top work productivity hacks to help you thrive wherever you’re working.



1. Maintain a consistent routine

Keeping routines when working from home is as crucial as ever, and this rule applies to everything from mornings to tasks throughout the day. It also means switching off your computer at the end of the working day.




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2. Create a separate work zone

Having a designated workspace in your home can help you maintain a clear distinction between work life and home life.


Create a comfortable office space and, if you can, shut the door to it during your leisure time. Out of sight, out of mind.



3. Set clear priorities

Working from home often means a barrage of notifications competing for your attention.


One key work productivity hack is to define your goals and ensure you have uninterrupted blocks of time throughout the day to achieve them.


If you’re struggling, turn off all notifications so you can focus on one thing at a time.



4. Communicate thoroughly

Miscommunication is common on digital platforms, so making sure you have outlets for honest, open communication will ensure you have the tools and support to be productive each day.


Don’t rely on written messages with a quick video call could work. It’s also energizing to see your colleagues from time to time and feel like part of a team still.



5. Fine-tune your time management skills

It can be tempting to multitask while working from home, but it’s best to focus on work tasks, create a routine, and use your time as similar to your in-office schedule as possible.


That means no laundry during your lunch hour and no tidying while on a customer call.



6. Take care of yourself

You will be more productive if your stress is lower, so build some time into your day for movement, relaxation, and other activities that keep you feeling your best.


Remember that commute you used to do?


Give that time back to yourself to mark the beginning and end of your day.



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