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Remote Work Security Challenges & How To Overcome Them (2022)

A new way of working has emerged due to the pandemic, and it doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon. In fact, experts are predicting that remote work is here to stay, which means security for your business is paramount to ensure data is protected no matter where your team is working.  


Follow these tips and discuss cybersecurity for business with your workers to protect your data against threats while working remotely.  


Cybersecurity tips for remote teams:

  1. Use encryption email services

  2. Steer clear of public networks 

  3. Use separate devices for work tasks

  4. Be vigilant when working in public 


Use encryption email services 

Encryption is the process of transforming your data into an indecipherable code, only allowing those with a decryption key to access the information.


Encryption is a crucial step when working remotely, ensuring that this critical data stays secure and can only be seen by the sender and recipient. 




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Steer clear of public networks 

While many remote workers choose to operate from a home office, your employees may choose to work in public places like coffee shops or co-working spaces.


If so, make sure they use a personal hotspot over public wifi, as public connections eliminate the barriers protecting their data from other users. 



Use separate devices for work tasks 

When working from home, it’s best if your team members use separate work devices. Personal computers often don’t have the same protections, so they risk exposing your company’s networks and data to more potential threats.  



Be vigilant when working in public 

If your team members do choose to work in public spaces, make sure they know to keep their screens out of view of the people around them.


After all, cybercriminals exist in the real world too, and with a trained eye, they’ll know how to detect sensitive information like passwords and pins that could put your company data at risk.  




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