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Cyber Attacks On Your Small Business - 5 Tactics To Prevent Them

No matter the size of your company, cyberattacks on small businesses are a very real threat to your sensitive data.


Around 36% of all recent targeted attacks have been on companies with fewer than 250 employees, so small businesses shouldn’t let their size convince them not to set up a cybersecurity plan. 

Cybersecurity is crucial for small companies because a data breach could cause major setbacks in profits and overall growth.


If your customer data is compromised, you’re required under data protection laws to inform your customers, which is damaging to your reputation and the brand loyalty you’ve worked hard to establish.  


Here are a few security steps small businesses can take to protect themselves against cyberthreats:


  1. Back up all data 

  2. Secure networks and devices 

  3. Encrypt the information

  4. Train staff in best practices 

  5. Opt for biometrics 


Back up all data 

Backing up data is a crucial step, as it ensures you can restore any information compromised during a security breach. 




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Secure networks and devices 

Take measures like installing firewalls and security software to make sure networks and devices across your company are always protected from threats. 



Encrypt the information 

Send files securely by using encryption: a process that converts all of your important data into a code to safeguard it against threats like manipulation or theft.  



Train staff in best practices 

As many as 95 percent of data breaches occur due to human error, so training your staff is an excellent way to reduce the risk of security incidents.  



Opt for biometrics 

There’s a better alternative to relying on standard password protection.


Using biometric information ensures the account owner is the person accessing it, using their fingerprints, face, or voice to keep data secure and prevent cyberattacks on small businesses




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